Payor & ACO Solutions

MNS is your one point of contact for SNF network needs, value-added services, and efficient solutions.

MNS provides a variety of efficient solutions and value-added services to contracted payors nationwide. Payors and ACOs have the option of setting up a single contract with any or all of the 3,000+ providers currently in the MNS network.

Need a network of preferred providers? MNS is here to help!

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Contracting & Credentialing

MNS is your one point of contact for SNF network needs.

  • One contract provides immediate access to 3,000+ SNFs nationwide.
  • Ensure SNF Network Adequacy! MNS will develop, analyze, and manage your SNF network and provide ongoing support as your needs change.
  • Uniform definitions and rate structures allow for easy forecasting and cost management.
  • Streamlined credentialing! MNS’ proprietary software, CredentialPointe, electronically maintains all provider documents for easy audit and transfer of information.
  • MNS’ credentialing standards are the highest in the industry! MNS has been granted delegated credentialing by dozens of payors across the country.
  • New reimbursement structure? Recontracting your SNF network? MNS can relieve the administrative burden of re-contracting, freeing up valuable time for your staff.

Clinical Services

Our nurses are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

  • Save valuable time! Our Clinical Services team will gather and review documentation prior to submission to the payor’s case manager.
  • Consistency is key! The MNS Clinical Services team outlines individual payor expectations for documentation and information regarding patient management.
  • Collaboration on the development, implementation, and monitoring of quality programs to achieve better member outcomes.
  • Industry knowledge and expertise! The MNS Clinical Services team consists of RNs and LPNs.

Provider Mapping

  • Identify, develop, and manage a preferred network of post-acute providers.
  • Track and maintain! Our software tracks changes in your network while maintaining an accurate and real-time directory, giving you a visual depiction of your network and the ability to quickly and easily identify areas of saturation or deficiency.
  • Already have a preferred network? MNS can help organize, manage, and display your provider network with “smart searches.”

Data Analysis & Reporting

Start to finish: We’re here for you!

  • Customized reporting! Reports can provide a wealth of information including diagnoses, length of stay, inpatient costs, and readmissions. If the data is in our software, we can design a report for it!
  • Forecasting and budgeting! MNS’ reports provide valuable data and insights for strategic planning purposes.
  • Real-time reporting! Available to contracted payors right on the MNS website.
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy! MNS’ proprietary software connects our care coordination data and billing information.


One contact for payments and collections!

Our billing teams touch more than 1,000 unique claims per day achieving extraordinary levels of accuracy.

  • MNS bills daily! EFT/ERA to one entity.
  • Claim verification! MNS will verify claims are clean and in the required format prior to submission.
  • Billing and payment concerns are handled directly with MNS.
  • Accurate claims! MNS’ proprietary software connects care coordination data and billing information to ensure accuracy and help prevent against fraudulent billing.
  • Payor payment obligations are met as soon as MNS receives payment.

Specialty Reimbursement Models

MNS has helped numerous national payors to design, develop, implement, and maintain a variety of reimbursement models with thousands of SNF providers.


Value Based Reimbursement Model

  • Performance-based reimbursement! Allow for incremental changes based on ALOS and Readmission Rates.
  • Quality improvement! Drive better outcomes with performance-based reimbursement and MNS’ quality oversight.
  • Operating cost improvement! By using a single agreement, payor resources are freed up to focus on other areas of business.

Episodic Reimbursement Model

  • Immediate savings! Plans pay a predetermined amount of money per admission.
  • Simplified interactions with SNFs! Free up valuable clinical resources and time to focus on more complex cases and value-added services.
  • Reduce ALOS! With evidence-based guidelines, enhanced discharge planning, home health collaboration, and active monitoring of cases within provider EMR by MNS.

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